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Company Info

Individual Entrepreneur
Mr. Vadim S. Rakitin
Entrepreneur ID 314472626000011
Taxpayer ID 471400487940
Domiciled in Sosnovy Bor (St.Petersburg), Russia
Bank Account no. 40802810170110000503
in Moscow Office of OJSC BB "Regional Credit Bank"

Who we are

Diamond Translations is a team of competent language professionals striving to always go beyond average. We go for excellence. We go for BRILLIANCE! We believe in brilliance. Not only do we translate, but also help our customers build a better and stronger business by sweeping away language barriers and making international communication easy.

What we can do for you

Diamond Translations provides translation and localization services to companies worldwide. If you are up to expanding your global presence or entering new markets — Diamond Translations is the brilliant partner you are looking for!

We translate Legal, Marketing, Business, Finance, Art, Tourism, Medical, IT and Communications, Energy, Technical, and others. We are always able to offer you a solution that will serve all your needs in terms of time, language pair, and value.

For a free quotation, please contact us at client@diamond-tran.ru or use the contact form.

What we believe in

Diamond Translations delivers high-quality language services, on time no matter what. We ensure the quality of our translations by adhering to the best quality control practices.

Why choose us? Here is why.

  • We only hire highly-trained professional translators who meet our strict competence requirements.
  • All translations are edited and proofread by skilled editors and proofreaders other than the original translators.
  • We do not underestimate technology designed to assist a translator (like CAT-tools), although we do believe a human translator is ultimately the best.
  • We follow any style, terminology, format or other preferences a customer should like to express.  Your document will be the way you like it to be.
  • We respect our customers’ confidentiality and will under no circumstances disclose confidential information.
  • We offer customers our best rates without going sky-high or, the other way round, ground-low trying to undermine the overall translation industry standards.
  • We are available 24/7. We believe in flexibility and so we will do our best to help you whatever your situation may be.
  • We strive to make each customer a friend for life. We believe in courtesy and respect.

These are the principles we strongly believe in and deploy while handling each and every project, thus making every customer happy.

We believe in happy customers.

Our fields of expertise

    del         tech         knig         yur         med         ekon
Business &  Manuals &  Art &  Legal  Medicine &  Economy & 
Contracts Specifications Culture Documents Science Finance
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